Essential mist,containing all the functions of toner.essence, and nutrition

1. Spray out into  a fine mist, and fills up the dry and tired skin with lasting moisture

2. Natural rosewater refreshes your skin

3.No Benzonphenone,artifial color,artificial scent,sulfate-surfactant,accrylamide,or mineral oil added

How to use the Rose Rain Mist!

Summer time issue : Lowering the skin temperature.Because aging of the skin is due to heat progresses,it is recommended that you use both the product that lowers the heat instantly,and one that blocks the heat.

  • Use as as facial mist - It is necessary to use a product that fills up the skin with moisture and lowers the temperature to take care of heat flush,before make up
  • Use as a body mist -Mist type spray makes the Rose Rain Mist a very light and speedy product to be used anywhere and anytime
  • Use as a hair essence -The Rose Rain Mist can also be used to care for tangled and disheveled hair.The richessence contents of the mist will help calm the hair into a more desirable look
Ingredients :
  • Skin hydration and astringent
  • Skin trouble care
  • Calming and soothing
Bamboo Water :
  • Makes the skin pure and clean
  • Hydration and calming effect
Aloe Vera :
  • Calming effect
  • Stress relief
Centella Extract :
  • Damaged skin treatment and resilience care
  • Skin trouble and root care
Lavender Extract :
  • Skin treatment
  • Calming effect
Fig Extract :
  • Takes care of dry itchiness
  • Skin treatment